The Rooms

Dora Ricevimenti has elegant reception room, among the most beautiful ones in Molise. They are the most suitable place where to set a wedding, an exclusive event, a really important ceremony and are very appreciated in all the Province of Isernia due to their beauty.

In these rooms, when the weather is bad or the temperature is hot, the staff moves itself by following a perfect coreography, by scanning all the phases of the event in a orderly way and by emphasizing all the best features of our restaurant, from the beauty of the spaces, to the elegant settings, to the cooking and the professional service.



Levante Room can host the wedding of who is looking for a dynamic and modern place.

Spaces & Capacity

Different locations, gardens, swimming pools allow a diversification and dynamism of the event.

The location has an indoor room, different light games that give life to a unique place, build up to make any evening really exclusive.

The outdoor gazebo, 400 sm, in the garden next to the pools, allow to organize any event totally outdoor of the Levante Room.

Capability: from 240 to 500 seats.



The Zefiro Room can host the wedding of who looking for an elegant and reserved place.

Spaces & Capacity

Its indoor spaces and the 2 terraces with gazebo, plunged into a marvellous garden, will make any event captivating and moving.

The location has a indoor room in a classical style. The beautiful gardens and the two gazebos are the elements that enhanced the Zefiro Room and allow to diversify the different moments of any reception.

Capability: 200 seats.



The Maestro Room can host the wedding of who is looking for a more intimate and modern place with a simple and refined look.

Spaces & Capacity

Its indoor spaces and the majestic terrace that overlooks the outdoor garden, with its light gamesa t the sunset, will make all the moments of your event captivating and moving.

The outdoor gazebo, 230 sm, next to the indoor room and the underlying garden, allow the maximum of flexibility between the outdoor and the indoor to organize your best events.

Capability: between 300 and 500 seats.